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I have been thinking about Global Warming and how we got into this mess: And after a lot of reflection, I come to realize that the inventors in a rush to put their products on the world market, failed to account for emission standards: That said, they left out the Filter emission system:

The products were incomplete, yet they sold and continue to sell an inferior product to consumers; see, the automobile is comprised of many systems to make it operate effectively and safely. The automobile has a fuel system, a cooling system, an exhaust system, an electric system, air-flow system and many many more:

So the problem we have with GLOBAL WARMING, is, because the Inventors, stopped short of creating an filter emission system, and the cars of today still don’t have one.

They have a muffler that handle the noise; but no filter emission system to handle the emissions, that’s the problem with gasoline engines.

However, that’s the reason were in this mess. Solution; until legislators pass laws mandating emission filters by 2020, and by each State passing Laws starting now; create emission filters systems for older models that can be attached to the roof or some where, beneath; all present licensed vehicles, with a tail pipe to roof top filter emission system; so instead of low emissions, there would be NO emissions per car. And the planet will start to cool back down! 10/3/2015. Bill Bass This would create millions of jobs all over the world.

Let's go GREEN all the way ! And what does going green mean?

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My Mom at age 21.

Thank you for visiting our Internet site, as an up to date business, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our offers. A new content management system will enable us to always keep you up to date all the time.

There are  three things we do here at Bill Bass, 1.Advocate green living. 2. Restore and Re-touch old photos like new. 3. Offer a forum for people with writing talent get their work published. And for persons with special abilities for screenwriting, promote their screenplays in today's market.

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Save the Earth, Walk and Bike More, and make your carbon foot print smaller. You just might prolong your own life!

Presently we have a new script called (CODE RED LA. and A TV pilot  called ( Beverly  Hills Grape Street. ) And now I'm working on a TV show called TOP RAP! The TV pilot, is a story based on the  life of the father of Hip Hop and Rap! Mr. Kurtis Blow, He started this business in New York, in the Bronx's and later moved to  LA. The series is a satire of the Rap movement in America.

CODE RED LA, is a story about what would happen if terrorist took control of LAX and how the Priesdent and the Justice Department, handle their business. It's a real eye opener for sure! look for it in theaters soon.

Featuring cr rap.ppt

Oh! If you have a million dollar script idea, you can send a copy of the manuscript alone with $135.00 and we will have a professional read it and send it back to you with a real professional treatment analysis,showing you what they think about your movie or sit-com idea. They want do it for free! believe me I've tried. But I paid them, and now I am going on to the next step! and that is pre- production, that's where you get the bucks.


Restore and Retouch and Reconstruct your families Photos better than new before it's too late! call me now. 323.338.2876 or email me at

The Eastern's before.:

The Eastern's After:


Here are some  samples of  touch ups and  restored photos, some of them are not a completed work, but I thought I'd share them with you anyway! Oh if you would like a copy  of  these classics  the cost is $65.00 for a full color print..11x14  they are unframed prints. I am building this site in my spare time, so just send $65.00 plus  $4.95 shipping, until I can install new buttons and shopping kart, for credit cards. Thanks!  Also it's a good idea to  email me when you send in your order. Now, I am able to make larger sizes than 16x20 so if you need that service and you're lucky enough to own a mansion and want something sick! for your staircase, please indicate this desire. This  service will require more time and needs to be ordered 8 weeks before the event it's needed for. email me if you would like to hang one in your home or office. Thanks!  

Billie Holiday

Natalie Cole

Inducted Janet Jackson into the  Hall of fame ! 2019...

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Today I have a special treat for you all! Check this out! Michael Jackson as the  "The Blue Boy". And now Michael the Lad, as "Robin hood"! Order Today! Thanks! 

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Remember these are my own originals, so order yours today for your kids to keep! for investment purposes Thanks!

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Order # AB00MJPK3

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11x14 $65.00  w/cardboard mount  $75.00

Young Nelson Mendela  Before:

Young Nelson Mendela After:

Order # AF00NM1

Young Maya Angelou  Before:

Young Maya Angelou  After:

Phillis Hynman !

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix

Order #AF00MA2

Michael Jackson  Before:

Michael  Jackson After:

Order # AF00MJ3

Here is the Poster Boy for Jive! First there was Hip... Then came Hop. "Give me five man!".

Young TuPac Before:

Young  TuPac After !

Order # AF00TP4

Order # AF00TP4Crown


Miles Davis Before:

Miles Davis After:

Order AF00MD5

Young Chuck Berry Before:

Young Chuck Berry After:

Order # AF00CB6

Young Louis Armstrong Before:

Young Louis Armstrong After:

Order # AF00LA7

Fats Domino Before:

Young Fats After:

Order # AF00FD8

Michael Jackson the boy before:

Michael Jackson the boy After:

Order # AF00MJC9


Kareem Before:

Kareem after:

Order # AF00KJ10

Rick James Before:

Rick James after:

Order # AF00RJ11

James Earl Jones Before:

James Earl Jones After:

Order # AF00JEJ12

Donna Summers Before:

Order # AF00DS13

Donna Summers After:

Santana Before:

Carlos with hat After:

Order # AF00STH14

Carlos with more Hair After:

Order # AF00 GBSTNH15

Eartha Kit Before:

Eartha Kit After

Order # AF00AK16

Don King the Boxing Promoter:

Order # AF00DK17

The Hardest working man in show Business Before:

James Brown After:

Order # AF00JBOK18

Screening Brown Before:

James Brown After:

Order # AF00JBCU19

Jackie Wilson Before:

Jackie Wilson After:

Order # AF00YSC20

Young DioneWarwick Before:

Dione Warwick After:

Order # AF00YDW21

Young Nat King Cole Before:

Nat King Cole After:

Order # AF00NKCBB22

Tina Turner Before:

Tina Turner After:

Order # AF00TTYB23

There are more poster samples on the Hollywood events page! for your review, on the bottom.